Commemoration of the International Women’s Day: Some Quotes from Women and Men We Received over the Past Two Years of




Because it is necessary to celebrate the woman, but also to remind each other of Women’s merits, experiences and rights, your information website « Women First » offers you here some quotes from men and women that we had to interview since 2015, year of creation of this media. This is also a way for us to welcome our English speaking readers and followers. Enjoy your reading !


« I would tell the girls and women who are waiting for a man’s help to survive that they never have to wait for someone’s hand, said  Binette Diallo, a professional model. You have to fight and never give up. »

« Young girls or women who believe that they are inferior to men, I will tell them that it is false, no man is superior to a woman, we are all equal, encourages Terna Diawara, Miss Guinea-Holland 2014. Women are very strong, they do not have to get discouraged, that’s very important ».

Itsoukou Prestige is a doctor and writer, we met her in « the 72 hours of the book », a special event for books and authors in Conakry. She said, « Before denouncing violence against women, I will tell the woman to wake up herself. To say for example ‘stop! I am not a drum to be beaten' ». She added, « It is often said that where there is a will, there is always a way. As long as the woman does not value herself, man will not value her. So I advise them to take the first step and the rest will come after ».

We also met the religious leaders. Elhadj Souleymane Baharou Condé is one of them. He affirmed that « the guarantee of this world is women ».

Entrepreneurs women, such as Maimouna Touré, also spoke on our website. She is an entrepreneur and official at CNSS and shared her personal experience: « It’s important to notice that men mainly do not like women to grow up. I was a commercial director of a company. It is because of men that I resigned from this profession. A job that I loved since I was very young, discussing business with people, I liked it. But I was often pushed back by some men telling me ‘Madame I can give you the deal, but on condition that you accept me’. Some of them wanted me to be their girl-friend. But I am not that kind of lady. They would say, « Me, I want the market, you win your share and I also win mine ». But if it is my person at stake, then I was discouraged. So, one morning, I came to give my letter of resignation. »

Along politicians, Hadiatou Djinkan Diallo, Federal Secretary of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea, UFDG France: « I tell women that we must go. We must not wait for someone to tell you to go, we must do it. We are the bearers of ideas and values, we are the guarantors of the fundamentals, guaranteeing a just and balanced society, a society in which security and respect for all values ​​prevail. So I say women let’s move ahead, we will win !! »

Honorable Anne Marie Fofana, Member of the UFDG, at the Guinean National Assembly, encourages other women with these words, « I like to say most often you have to dream, dare and act, do not stay set back in fear. Women do not do political politics, we do the policy of development « .

Hawa Dramé, founder of the NGO FITIMA, rings the bell, « it is a commonplace to say that women do not occupy the place they should occupy. Women are relegated, I would not even say second, I do not know in what rank, but in any case considered second-class citizens. So she does not have the place she should have, she does not know her rights so it’s hard to defend them. Laws, customs are dictated and enacted by men, so the place of the woman is not that which belongs to her. The social pressure is such that the place of the girl or woman is the home first. If a young woman is not well in her skin, she can not be happy, she hurts herself and society suffers. The degree of change in a country is measured by the way it treats women. One cannot speak of development without the mobilization of the actresses that are women ».

« I think that men must know that we are, we speak of Man with great « M », we are the authors of many of our problems. If women suffer because men refuse to support them, they take us like instruments or slaves, so men have to change their mentality so that women can flourish in the enjoyment of their rights, « says Barry Aissatou, President of AGUIAS.

According to the second dolphin Miss Guinea USA 2015, Fatoumata Diallo « the guinean ladies can have a lot of strength. All we need is to get up. We can be the key to moving a country forward. »

Honorable Habib Baldé, Member of Parliament from Guinea, asked that men be made to understand that « their wife is not their slave. She is only a partner with whom we can share a lot. So we do not need violence to be respected or to be understood. I think it is very important to communicate and make people understand this. »

To fight against violence against women and to bring women to complain, Attorney Bamba Emmanuel, President of LIGUIDHO, considers that « judicial procedures must be made free for women victims of violence to complain ».

Victim of excision, like so many other African women, writer Hami Traoré, was able to make its history read to the whole world. « I am in the fight against violence against women and children. Writing is my escape, when I write down than I feel good I feel comfortable. Because generally when you write you say what you feel, what you think. Perhaps I would not have had the courage to say how I was circumcised, but through writing I could put words and letters on my pain and suffering. »

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Have a good International Women’s Day !

Aminata Pilimini Diallo